The term “Energy-Efficiency” is used a lot across the web, but what does it mean? Learn about that and more with CJM Lighting.


The Biden admin has rolled out their policy that phases out the old style of lightbulbs.

Out With the Old, In With the LEDs: The End of Incandescent Bulbs

This ban brings an end to decades of light evolution in an attempt to drive innovation and reduce energy consumption. For the majority of American households, the ban on incandescent bulbs signals a new chapter for lighting homes with the more sustainable and cost-effective technology of LEDs.
Go Green

Prep For A Potential Recession By Going Green

If you are looking to prepare for a potential recession or simply cut your bottom line, going green with your energy needs and lighting solutions is of top importance and should be a priority going forward.
Electrical Lighting Ballast

Replace Ballast Lighting With Energy-Efficient Options

Ballast lighting is a standard for fluorescent lighting in a myriad of applications. They are often used in offices, retail settings, schools, hallways and cafeterias.
Reducing Energy Costs

Reducing Energy Costs to Increase Your Bottom Line

One of the most effective ways to protect your bottom line is to control your energy costs. Your utility bills can vary wildly from month to month, depending on factors like heating and cooling, equipment malfunctions, and even the cost of energy itself.