Dear Jeff O’Connor,

Thank you for your kind donation of $129 co-pay for lighting at the Food Pantry. Each and every gift is important and valued. Thank you for taking the time to ensure that your gift arrived at the office or the pantry. One of the most tangible ways we help here at Sussex Outreach Services is by providing food, clothing, and housewares to our clients. There are also a number of other ways to help, such as donating your time, services, or special talents. With generous donations such as yours, we continue to clothe, feed and serve those most in need around us. It takes many, many acts of kindness to support our mission, so thank you for your generous support of Sussex Outreach Services.

SOS will continue to serve those that need us the most here in the Sussex area as long as we have partners like you to help us.

Thank you for your kindness,

Jennifer Waltz

Executive director, Sussex Area Outreach Services