To: CJM Lighting
Regards: New light installation

We would like to take the time to commend CJM lighting on all of the work they have done for us. This process has gone so smoothly and from the minute we began business with you we have been nothing but satisfied. CJM lighting removed over 90 light fixtures in our new building replacing them with approximately 60 new fixtures. The installation process was quick and CJM was able to do this at the same time as we were able to continue work and production. These lights look amazing and produce more than double the light the original fixtures did while reducing our energy usage and making our productivity improve. We also were impressed and happy to find out that not only did CJM have the lowest quote from everyone who looked at our facility, but as well the final bill came in lower than the original quote. CJM made it a priority that energy would be saved and we are beyond satisfied with the entire company. Thanks again!

Tollefsen Steel and Fabrication